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Meeting with Asma Reghimi, Testing Manager Consultant at Talan Luxembourg

In this employee testimonial, Asma Reghimi looks back on her career, her daily life as a Testing Manager Consultant and her missions at Talan Luxembourg.

Could you present your background in a few lines? 

A graduate of the University of Paris Dauphine, I worked for 2 years as a customer relations officer for a company specializing in events. I entered the Software Testing domain by chance. I have been working in IT for about 14 years.  

During that time, I had the opportunity to lead projects with important strategic stakes for our clients. CRM implementation projects such as Salesforce, digitisation of distribution processes and customer relationship management, as well as the implementation of new data models, with the aim of improving the quality of regulatory or financial reporting. 

I support and coach our customers in implementing appropriate test methodologies, my motto is to succeed in building a relationship based on trust. I provide my clients with a greater added value than they could have expected from our services, and I am also able to learn in the process and develop my skills further.  


What are your current tasks as Testing Manager Consultant ? 

Currently, I work on two projects on behalf of two different clients which are one leader in the insurance sector and the other in finance. 

The first project is about the establishment of a Local Data Layer to collect, standardise and inject the data of the Luxembourg entity into the group’s SAS platform, in order to meet the requirements of IFRS 17 regulations on life insurance. In this project, my role consists of steering and monitoring the execution roadmap. 

The second project is about implementing a strategy to improve testing methods and practices in order to reduce the time to market.  My role is to establish an assessment of the current organisation and existing practices and deliver a SWOT.  As a result, I will be able to draw up a suitable and realistic strategy as well as a roadmap proposal.  Once the proposal is validated, I will support and coach my customers to the implementation phase. 


3 words to introduce Talan Luxembourg? 

  • Human relationships: We watch over each other, we feel a real team spirit fostered by the benevolence of our C.H.O.  
  • Freedom: at Talan, you have a certain amount of freedom to do what you need to do without being blocked by red tape.  I have always had the freedom to do what I wanted to do when I needed to 
  • The 3rd, I prefer to keep it for myself but you are not afraid about happiness fell free to contact me directly to know more about Talan Luxembourg 


At Talan, what is your playground? 

Relationships and sharing 

How do you get to explore it? 

Making cupcakes and introducing new restaurants to colleagues and customers 


What is your fondest memory since you have been with Talan? 

I would say that my fondest memory dates back to when I worked at Talan Tunisia.  On a Friday night, before heading off for the weekend, I printed a recipe for cannoli.  On Monday, as soon as I arrived at the office,

I heard the word “recipe” everywhere and in all the discussions of other employees.  It did not surprise me, I thought they were talking about the test team also known as the "recipe team" at the time.  I didn't feel concerned about those conversations at all.  

Until I heard the director of the integration unit read aloud the same cannoli recipe that I had printed on Friday.  Later in the day, I asked him if he also had the same recipe for cannoli.  To my surprise, he replied "No Asma, this impression has been blocking the printer all morning, and we cannot stop it.”   

Moral of the story: Do not print your personal recipes at work! 


Which person inspires you the most? 

There are really two people who really inspire me.  First my grandmother with her strong personality and very authoritarian character, but also by her ability to be respected by all, and by an ability to convey her messages. 

The second person is my mother, she is the definition of a sociable person, she represents kindness and sharing, she is very empathetic with the ability to create connections with everyone, even if they do not speak the same language.