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Smart Automation

Smart Automation - Boost your efficiency and unleash your teams' productivity

In light of the crisis and the acceleration of digitalisation, process automation (Smart Automation, RPA, Low Code) is becoming essential to improve the efficiency of organisations and relieve employees of heavy, time-consuming, repetitive activities that are difficult to carry out remotely. 

This increase results in companies questioning: 

  • How can you improve your competitiveness and results while making your business faster and more systematic?
  • How can you eliminate tasks that are frustrating, add little value and are a frequent source of errors for you and your employees?
  • How can you improve your teams’ quality of life and limit your staff turnover while making their work meaningful again? 

Smart Automation lets you simply and quickly automate a huge number of processes. 

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We needed to progress quickly to build development skills and we worked with Talan to provide us with profiles that are on the rare market. They were very responsive to bring us developers, to develop and best meet our business needs.

Gilbert Hannouche, Head of Process Automation RPA & AI - Crédit Agricole CIB

Benefits of process automation

Refocus on human action

  • Automate low added value and time-consuming tasks.
  • Reposition human resource

Improve process execution

  • Shorten task processing times.
  • Speed up execution times and make processes more reliable.
  • Control the process value chain.

Increase your company’s capabilities

  • Increase your working hour capacity.
  • Manage ramp-ups of volumes through scalable solutions.

Why choose Talan?

Industrialise your automation

  • Talan offers a unique, four-step process for identifying eligible processes and boosting your benefits.
  • Implementation of RPA skills centres to work inhouse with your IT department and business line clients (finance, HR, etc.).

Analyse, develop and deploy quickly

  • Two-to-six week implementation time, depending on the complexity of the process.
  • We can form teams quickly and so lose no time in getting up to speed with your activities.

Train your teams and partner with the best experts in the market 

  • Over 100 trained and certified consultants and a continuous team training approach.
  • Partnerships with major software companies.

Sample activities that can gain the most from Process Automation

Just a few examples of how Smart Automation can be applied to your business processes: 


  • Raising and settling invoices
  • Regulatory checks and KYC
  • Bank account opening processing
  • Helping customer advisors to offer products and services appropriate to given profiles
  • Producing financial reports

Human resources

  • Managing employee on-boarding and off-boarding: access, passes, form filling
  • Managing recruitment monitoring 
  • Producing weekly summaries
  • Managing recurring requests: sales administration, expenses, leave, pay slips


  • Monitoring promotional campaigns (data collection and reporting, customer surveys)
  • User decision-making assistance
  • Managing data re-entry 
  • Managing suppliers
  • Systems-based tendering


  • Managing multi platform  customer requests (telephone calls, emails, chat)
  • Assisting call agents (account history)
  • Managing customer complaints and disputes
  • Collecting and extracting multi-application data (CRM, management, accounting) 

Do you need to know if some of your processes can be automated?

VIDEO: Smart Transformation and Automation services at Talan

Through the interviews of our customers, partners and Smart Automation experts, learn how Talan can help transforming and automating your processes to achieve your goals : efficiency, resilience, innovation.
With the testimonies of :

  • Jean-Pierre Beneche, Data Analytics & CRO business management of a Wealth Management Company
  • Benoît Ouziel, Managing Director of Talan UK
  • Brendan Leddy, Managing Director at Barley Harbour Limited


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