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Our purpose

Our purpose, compass for our actions

What's our purpose ?

A company’s purpose refers to how it intends to play a role in society beyond its sole economic activity. Since its creation, the Talan group has always been committed to making sense of its actions. It was therefore essential to formalise this trajectory enabling everyone to plan ahead. Our purpose embodies a shared commitment within the company and with our stakeholders: employees, customers, investors, partners. It is a real compass for our future actions.

Our purpose

"We believe that only a human oriented-practice of technology will make the new digital age an era of progress for all..

Together let's commit."


Our purpose is the culmination of 9 months of work with all our stakeholders (employees, customers, partners, etc.) who have been fully involved in this process.

The human oriented-practice of technology represents a strong vision of what the contribution of technologies, in the service of people, must be in everyone’s daily lives. Humanism is rooted in reality and fully takes into account current and future challenges. On the other hand, as Talan’s purpose is a compass, it is a long-term one and will require adjustments to the company’s strategy over the medium and long term.

Our manifesto

We have also built a manifesto, based on our purpose. This text makes it possible to bring together all the members of our ecosystem. It also makes it possible to bring together our employees and future employees around the history and common values of the company. Our purpose is the final sentence of this manifesto.

We are optimistic… yesterday, when the Talan adventure started. An adventure built on friendship, our differences and the desire to act together. These values of trust and humanity, we bring them “home” every day thanks to our collective ambition and share them with our customers and our entire ecosystem.

We are optimistic…

...because we, alongside our customers, are the manufacturers of the new digital world of today and tomorrow. It is up to all of us to ensure that the transformative potential of technology is an enabler for creating a better society in which to live.

We are optimistic…

…because we know that tomorrow we can always do better. And we do it every day with responsibility.


“We believe that only a human oriented-practice of technology will make the new digital age an era of progress for all. Together, let's commit.”

Our purpose looks like us

“Since I created Talan, we have always believed in people and their potential. The human oriented-practice of technology will guide us over the long term by allowing us to grow while cultivating our DNA, resolutely focused on humans. The challenge ahead of us is very inspiring. Together, we will be able to contribute to building a more resilient world through technologies. ”

Mehdi Houas, president of group Talan

​​​​​​​"Our purpose resembles us because we support SMEs, mid-caps and large groups every day so that they can transform themselves through responsible innovations in which people and technology go hand in hand. It is thanks to the power of our collective, thanks to our employees and our customers, that we will continue this strong trajectory, resolutely focused on people and technologies. "

Philippe Cassoulat, CEO of group Talan

“I really recognise myself in our purpose. The notion of human is central to this: it is a subject on which I work every day at Talan Consulting that addresses the human factor of transformations. The humanist tech speaks to me a lot and embodies Talan well.”

Virginie Lalanne, senior manager at Talan Consulting and member of the purpose steering committee

From our purpose to our way to act : 4 commitments

Explanations of our 4 commitments

Commitment 1: Working together because sharing, mutual assistance and mobilisation are sources of progress.

Our strength is our collective. It is through the sharing, mutual assistance and mobilisation of our employees, customers and more broadly the Talan ecosystem that we will ensure useful technological and managerial transformations. Together, we can contribute to sustainable progress.


Commitment 2: Engage and co-construct, with responsibility, to carry out effective transformations.

Through our commitment to our customers, we support them in order to build their solutions capable of creating value for the company and providing well-being to employees. Thanks to this customer commitment, our ambition is to seal confidence in a technological progress.


Commitment 3: Choosing growth that frees up energy and allows everyone to flourish thanks to collective success.

Our sustained and innovative growth is eminently focused on human values. It makes it possible to build both new playgrounds and maintain Talan's DNA. While the objective of growth is collective, it fully promotes individual development. It must offer ever more potential (creation of companies, mobility, new professions and new expertise, etc.), knowledge and interactions.


Commitment 4: Promote responsible and emancipatory technology wisely.

We act every day to ensure that technology is a source of human development. To do this, we train individuals so that they can build with our ecosystem safeguards to establish long-term relationships of trust and we put in place the necessary measures to promote responsible and emancipatory technology.

A collective construction process

Our raison d’être is the result of collective and collaborative work lasting more than 9 months. This project was rich in inspiring exchanges with our stakeholders: employees (over 2,000 contributions), customers, partners, associations, investors.

A steering committee, made up of employees representative of the group’s different entities (Virginie, Sandra, M’hamed, Romain, Léa, Mohamed, Jessie), was proactive during the different stages of building our purpose. This Steering Committee was able to interact freely with the members of the Executive Committee.

This work helped build our purpose. This is not an end in itself: it engages us and remains a real transformation tool.

We now have to make our purpose part of all our positions thanks to a set of commitments and actions.