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Pioneer in the adoption of generative AI, Talan announces a widespread deployment of Copilot for Microsoft 365 internally

Talan, an international consulting group specialising in innovation and transformation through technology, achieves a new milestone by deploying over 500 Copilot licenses for Microsoft 365 internally. This marks the Group's commitment to quickly adopting generative artificial intelligence technologies in the business environment.


Following this initial testing phase, Talan now aims to rapidly extend access to the solution to all 5,000 employees of the Group across its global locations. This new personal assistant, enabling interaction using natural language, will profoundly transform the way teams work. Talan is thus creating a unique environment to assist its clients in their quest for efficiency, resilience, and innovation to stay competitive. 

For several months, Talan's developers have been using GitHub Copilot, the cutting-edge generative AI in code development support, on a daily basis. Additionally, the Group's Research and Innovation Center has been actively experimenting with generative AIs for several years, creating solutions that continuously enhance and broaden team skills and processes, positioning the Group at the forefront of operational innovation. 

The integration of Copilot for Microsoft 365 opens up unprecedented possibilities for ideation, stimulating creativity and innovation within teams on a daily basis. New Copilot features, such as content generation, document understanding, proactive suggestions, and assistance in using various Microsoft 365 suite solutions, transform the work environment. Communication with teams and clients becomes more efficient and seamless. Copilot for Microsoft 365 ensures the security and confidentiality of exchanged data, safeguarding sensitive information—an essential point for Talan's teams and clients. 

With Copilot, Talan teams will benefit from improved productivity, optimised management and organisation, and in-depth data analysis support. This deployment will occur in phases, allowing each employee to receive optimal assistance. It will serve as a great operational example shared with Talan's clients so they can benefit from best practices when implementing this solution in their own businesses. 


"We have been collaborating with Microsoft for many years, a globally recognised leader in technological excellence. The adoption of Copilot for Microsoft 365 is a key step in our mission to harness the best technologies for the benefit of humanity. At Talan, we believe that technological innovation should focus on improving daily life and enhancing the skills of each individual. I am convinced that the deployment of generative AIs to support employees in companies is a necessity if they want to remain competitive and attractive. Our Ifop survey for Talan, 'French People and Generative AIs,' in May 2023 clearly demonstrated this. The enthusiasm of the younger generations for these technologies, with 45% of people ages 18 to 24 using generative AIs, is constantly increasing. We see every day that the dissemination of this technology is accelerating, and it has become essential to support its adoption. With this widespread deployment of Copilot for Microsoft 365 internally, we are able to master all phases of its deployment, from reflection to adoption, and share our best practices with our clients to assist them in their deployment," says Philippe CASSOULAT, CEO of the Talan Group. 


"We are pleased that Talan Group, a Microsoft partner for many years, has chosen Copilot for Microsoft 365 to accelerate its internal transformation. Its employees will be able to leverage its advanced features for greater operational efficiency and enriched creativity. This internal deployment will also be an opportunity for Talan to strengthen its expertise in our generative AI solutions, expertise that the group will leverage for its clients in the future," says Corine DE BILBAO, President of Microsoft France. 

About Talan 

Talan is an international group providing consulting services in transformation and innovation through technology. For over 20 years, Talan has been advising companies and public institutions, supporting and implementing their transformation and innovation projects in France and internationally. Present on five continents, the Talan Group has 5,000 employees, generating a revenue of over 550 million euros. The group places innovation at the heart of its development and intervenes in areas related to the technological changes of large corporations, such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Intelligence, Web3, Blockchain, or IoT. By placing "humanistic technology practice" at the center of its strategy, the Talan Group is convinced that it is by serving humanity that technology multiplies its potential for society. 

Press contact :

Antoine MOMOT, Director of Influence - Talan Group

06 70 93 47 80