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Talan Research Center's Exciting Path Towards HRS4R Accreditation

Talan Research Center has embarked on a journey to obtain the HRS4R (Human Resources Strategy for Researchers) accreditation, a European label that recognizes research institutions committed to providing excellent working conditions and career development opportunities for researchers.

Our commitment to upholding the HRS4R principles is a testament to our dedication to fostering a supportive, inclusive, and innovative research environment. By aligning our practices with the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers, we aim to make our research center an even more attractive and sustainable place for researchers to thrive.

To achieve this goal, we have developed a comprehensive action plan that addresses the areas where improvement is needed. Some of the key actions we will be taking include:

  1. Implementing a robust ethical review process for all research projects.
  2. Ensuring gender balance and inclusivity in our recruitment and selection processes.
  3. Providing access to professional development opportunities and resources for our researchers.
  4. Strengthening our commitment to open, transparent, and merit-based recruitment practices.
  5. Enhancing our research environment and working conditions to better support our researchers.

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The HRS4R process involves three phases:

Initial, Implementation, and Renewal. In the Initial phase, institutions register, submit an application, and receive the HR Award. The Implementation phase, occurring two years later, assesses the Initial Action Plan and introduces a Revised Action Plan for the next three years. Renewal phases, recurring every three years, evaluate the Revised Action Plan, introduce an Improved Action Plan, and include site visits in alternating cycles.

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