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Expert opinion : From Data Driven to Data Inspired

Don't believe everything you see, don't believe everything you hear, especially when it comes to interpreting Data.


To potentially evolve from a Data Driven strategy to a Data Inspired journey, an organization needs to understand that technology is the journey and not the destination. Even, more, it’s indispensable to understand that data in itself doesn’t have any value and nor is it an expression of the truth but it requires to be refined and interpreted to get insights.

“Becoming” a Digital Native

The 4th industrial revolution is the cradle of the Digital Transformation and companies see that technology fundamentally provides new perspectives for their operational and commercial models. This new ecosystem, which is constantly reinventing itself, opens up new possibilities for greater growth and performance.

Industry 4.0 is challenging humans to “Become” Digital Native By 2020, actually this is tomorrow, 50% of the business activity will depend on their ability to create new services, new products and new business models ? This fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, is fundamentally different from the previous three. The first revolution relied on the mechanization of manufacturing and production, with the use of coal, and the introduction of steam for industrial usage. The second used of electrical energy in mass production assembly lines. The third revolution saw the birth of automated manufacturing using electronics, computer science and robotics.


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