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While our clients come from various and diverse industries, they all look for

one thing: Continuous Operational Excellence. Our consultants provide our

clients with the means necessary to define, optimize, and streamline their

processes, organizations, and information systems.

Finance Insurance

Talan’s Finance Business Division was strengthened by the merger with Asset Technology in 2011.

The Talan Asset Group operates in the financial markets’ industry for various clients: Corporate & Investment Banking, Investment Banking, Asset Management, Securities Services, and Centralized Risk Management entities.

Transportation Logistics

The Transportation and Logistics Sector of Talan was strengthened with the merger with Cereza in 2012. The interventions within this sector are now under the brand, Cereza Talan Group. Our consultants are actively working on projects, and have developed a strong expertise in the transportation and logistics sector and support our clients in their transformation projects and the optimization of their organizations.

Energy Public Services

The Energy Business Division within Talan has been in operation since 2004 in France, England, and Tunisia.

Currently, our main focus is in the area of regulation. However, we also address issues specific to Energy related topics, as well as Information Systems.

Telecom Media

Talan has a strong presence within the Telecom Sector with over 10 years of continuous growth on various telecommunication projects.

Our projects span all markets: retail, business-to-business, and communications. This allows Talan to assist our clients on a variety of issues including Information Systems and support to management teams.