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Testimony of Louise Versaeilie, Recruitment Operations Manager at Talan

In this testimony, Louise Versaeilie talks about her experience, her daily life and the opportunities provided by Talan.


Hello, can you tell us about your background ?

Originally, I did a literary preparatory course, which enabled me to enter the ISIT (Institut Supérieur d'Interprétation et de Traduction), in Paris. Once I reached the Master's level, I decided to specialise in management. I was able to do a three-month internship at Planaxis in Montreal, one of the most multicultural cities in the world. It went so well that they offered me a job!  I really wanted to work with them, but I wanted to finish my Master's degree before coming back to Canada. Meanwhile, Planaxis had merged with Talan. I've been working there for 2 years now, in the recruitment team.


What are your current missions ? 

I am the Team Leader of the recruitment team.

Like everyone in the team, I actively participate in the search for talent to strengthen our workforce. I conduct interviews, both for clients and directly with candidates, and I negotiate contracts related to the recruitment or departure of employees. We are always looking for technical profiles: developers, application support specialists, etc. Experienced profiles are also in high demand: Project Managers, Business Analysts, Architects, Infrastructure Specialists, etc.

For the past year, I have been a Team Leader and I manage a team of 4 people and the different subjects that concern our department. Every week, we review their performance and their feelings. I organise and coordinate the different projects of the team.  I have always enjoyed recruitment but I wanted to explore other areas.  This opportunity allows me to discover another world and to face new challenges.


What are the 3 words you would choose to present Talan ?

Honesty : Talan is a company where you can really talk freely. We can address all subjects in a fairly direct way to move things forward.  There is real transparency.


Development : Talan is a company where you can develop quickly. I started with an internship and very quickly, I had real opportunities for my career.


Proximity : Even though there have been a lot of changes, we remain close to each other, whether it's the teams at headquarters, the consultants or the members of the management. I am thinking, for example, of our CEO, Jean-François D'Amour, who is always very available, accessible and human.

During the health crisis, he called us all regularly to check on us. In this context, it is really a pleasure. 

Unlike our competitors in Canada who recruit only for mandates, we are looking to hire people for the long term, so I am very careful that we share the same values. I know from experience that the profiles that work well are those that are aligned with these values of proximity.


What is your playground at Talan ?

Today, my playground is the delivery of the entire recruitment team. In Montreal, we are in a very competitive and aggressive market. We have to make sure that we can identify as many people as possible for the positions to be filled. These people must be of high quality and perfectly match the needs of the clients. I explore my playing field by setting up strategies, prioritising needs, linking sales and recruitment and managing the team. I particularly like the participative dimension, I really believe in this type of management. By involving the team in decisions, I encourage them to get involved.  It's a way of keeping employees motivated, especially in the current circumstances. Goodwill is also very important in my team.


What is your favourite memory since you joined Talan ?

It's really the opportunity I had to become a Team Leader. I decided to give it a try and I'm very happy that it worked.

At Talan, I appreciate the possibility of seizing opportunities when you want to evolve.


Which person inspires you the most ?

I think of Maud Leveugle, our Human Resources Director. She is the person who recruited me and she still helps me a lot today, she is really a mentor for me.

We have more or less the same background.  She was also a recruiter and then a team leader. Following the merger with Talan, there were a lot of changes in a very short time and she was able to seize the opportunity of her current position, which covers Canada and the United States


Thank you!