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Lleva la Transformación al siguiente nivel

Lean change Management – Curso Certificación Online

Are you immersed in a transformation process but do you feel that deep down nothing changes? Do you think that the cultural dimension is not addressed correctly in the process? Do you have the feeling that your organisation tries to do things differently using the same old means?

Lean Change Management is a change management framework that is based on Lean and Agile values and principles and that also uses tools and techniques from other methods such as Lean startup and Design Thinking. Its main focus is the following: we cannot control the transformation process in complex contexts, a linear and medium-term transformation plan, so we are going to execute small changes in a cyclical way based on a clear strategic purpose We learn from the results of these experiments in short iterations, to be able to adapt our change plan on a recurring basis.

If you want to know more about the principles of Lean Change Management, and the main tools and techniques to be able to use the framework in its change management context from the beginning, do not miss our next Online course taught by Raquel Gavilán this November.

You can find all the information about the course and register at the following link: