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The “Climate & Ecology Community “ and “La Fresque du Climat” at Talan

At Talan, communities have been formed around common interests in a sector of activity, work practices or technology. The idea is to federate experts and all those with good will by giving them the means to be close to employees and thus create new internal dynamics.

When Talan revealed its CSR policy a little over a year ago, employees motivated by this theme got together and organized within the Climate & Ecology Community. These employees from all Talan teams share a desire to take concrete action and to support the company in the shift it is taking to respond to ecological issues.

The Community, which includes more than 120 employees (throughout the country), has set itself 4 missions: to raise awareness of climate issues among all employees and give them new skills to act, to reduce the ecological footprint of Talan's activities, to market offers to support our clients in their ecological transition. Finally (and most importantly) the Climate & Ecology Community wants to create a global dynamic around this vital subject. Everyone is concerned, regardless of their position in the organization and, as we know, there is now a real urgency.


The Climate & Ecology Community acts on two levels: individually and collectively. Individually and locally, each employee can implement actions of any size by being helped and advised by the whole community. Collectively, through larger-scale actions to improve our company's practices.

To raise awareness among all Talan employees, the Community's first action was to design a dedicated training course offered to all, the first step of which was "La Fresque du Climat".  Since then, this course has been regularly expanded with, for example, the addition of the MOOC of the Responsible Digital Institute, a course on how to perform a carbon assessment, or an introduction to eco-design for sales people, project managers, scrum masters, and developers.


Coming back to La Fresque du Climat, let's note that this awareness workshop is based on an approach using gamification. Created in 2015 by Cédric Ringenbach, this training is owned and managed by the association bearing the same name. To deliver this truly different workshop, 16 Talan facilitators have undergone dedicated training. The training is paid for by the company, as are the rights to use the Fresque.


Already, 289 Talan employees throughout France have been trained. This is, of course, only the beginning as the Community wishes to extend la Fresque du Climat to all the Group's international entities. On July 13, Talan's International Executive Committee will meet in London and will take the opportunity to participate in a Fresque du Climat. This session in English will be led by the creator of the Fresque: Cédric Ringenbach. A strong signal that will launch a new internal and international dynamic. Beyond that, and according to its CSR commitments, Talan wishes to raise awareness, in the long term, of at least 70% of the new employees who join it on climate change and digital sobriety.


The Community is working on new actions to help Talan get on the path to achieving its commitment: reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% between 2021 and 2025. The Climate & Ecology Community is a great initiative that highlights Talan and its teams' desire to transform themselves and the world around us.