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Talan opens a new office in Málaga, Spain

Talan is pleased to announce the opening in September 2021 of a new Centre of Excellence in Málaga, in the south of Spain.

Talan recruits new talents in Malaga, Spain

The creation of this new office is an important strategic move for Talan’s clients who will find this European nearshore location attractive. It is one step further in offering outstanding service to clients at a competitive rate.

The Talan Centre of Excellence in Málaga will provide expertise and bespoke services in Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation / Smart Automation, Data and Blockchain, as well as technologies such as Java, .net, Angular, etc.

Málaga is a Smart Mediterranean City with a surrounding innovative ecosystem called Málaga Valley known for its high-tech industry, its Smart City initiatives & its entrepreneurial spirit. The office will be located at the Málaga Tech Park (formerly known as the PTA). This business park is home to 621 companies and employs more than 20,000 people.

The work environment will integrate new ways of working with fewer desks and more social spaces for team meetings and gatherings. The office should be a place that inspires creativity and productivity. People will go to the office to socialise with their teammates, to catch up and brainstorm on projects. We be working remotely and on-site and ensure the new working model brings balance to the employee experience.

When asked about recruitment objectives, Pablo Alifano, Managing Director of Talan in Spain, says : “We expect to recruit about 100 people by the end of 2022 and closer to 200 by 2023.” Pablo, currently based in the Madrid office of Talan, will initially also manage the operation in Málaga, until a critical size has been achieved, at which point he would look to hire a Senior Chief Operating Officer. When asked why Talan chose Málaga, Pablo explains that it is a well-connected city in terms of infrastructure (airport, trains, etc.), excellent quality of life, low cost of living and, more importantly, in Europe. He says it’s a “perfect place to attract talent and young, international professionals.

Málaga enjoys one of the best climates in Europe with beautiful beaches, attractive mountain landscapes, more than fifty golf courses, several sailing marinas and a ski resort in the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains. It’s no wonder the region is called the “Costa del Sol” (the sun coast).

It is also a dynamic city known for its culture (birthplace of Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas) and innovation. The Málaga University prepares more than 35,000 students and is committed to excellence in research and development. There are over 20 international schools in the area, 13 of which are ranked the best in Spain, employing educators from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden and many other countries.

Málaga is also a great location thanks to its international airport with direct flights to 137 destinations in 37 different countries. The other Talan office in Madrid is only a one-hour flight away. And for high-speed train (AVE) fans, at a speed of up to 310 km/h, Madrid is only two and a half hours away. Otherwise, only 450 kilometers (and five hours driving time) separate the two cities.

Let us know if you would like to find out more about the Talan Group and its international operations.

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