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Meet with one of our consultants: Jagjit SAGGU

In this testimony, Jagit Saggu tells us about his experience as a consultant at Talan in Canada!


1. Could you introduce your career path?

My career has been very interesting and joyful starting as a Call Center Agent to Travel Consultant, Customer Relationship Manager to Assistance Manager to Business Consultant Analyst and now working as a Sr. Business Analyst at Equifax. I accepted every opportunity that came my way as a challenge, give my 100% and prove myself in every role.

As a Business Consultant Analyst, I have always helped and improved business performance by providing insight and solutions to organizational and operational problems. Assignment duties include analyzing datasets, interviewing managers and stakeholders, conducting studies and surveys, and issuing findings and recommendations to clients. My strong communication, logical reasoning and problem-solving skills have really helped me a lot in accelerating my career.


2. What are the different projects/initiatives you are currently working on?

The basic work of my current assignment is very challenging and very diverse. Working from project management to trainings, preparing meaningful dashboards on very complex reports, helping the client to move to cloud-based applications and many more.

I also help the client and their customers to design business solutions, moving from production issues to realistic business solutions, develop and turn strategies into tangible business value.

I also work closely with the customers of my current client to help them overcome challenges and succeed in today’s digital age.

Finally, with my current qualifications and my expertise, I help the client accelerate their growth and transform their business model.


3. 3 words to introduce Talan?

There is a lot to say about this, but let’s stick to 3 and the ones that come to my mind right now.

  • Care & Support - Consultants Wellbeing: I joined Talan during the pandemic and working from home was not easy for me, especially when you are working on a client assignment. Even though I was new to the company, in 3 weeks I was able to meet people to discuss my career path and in 6 months I got the opportunity to be the ambassador for some of the extracurricular activities.  
  • Management Proximity: Whenever I had a point to discuss I was never asked to wait; everyone is ready to listen to you and it makes you feel part of the family. I have reached out to the management without setting up a meeting with them, but they never said no to me and nor have they asked me to send them a meeting invite first. This includes the discussion I had with Talan partners. I’ve seen all the senior management come to introduce themselves as soon as they see someone is new to the company, which is an amazing feeling.
  • Continuous Learning & Development: Talan is committed to raising the bar for ourselves and our industry. They recruit consultants who are driven to excel and provide ongoing support to help them develop their expertise. By offering flexible career paths and encouraging knowledge sharing, they enable consultants to progress in a way that supports their individual ambitions while fostering collective growth.


4. At Talan, what is your playfield? How do you manage to explore it?

My main skills are Data analytics, Cost-Benefit analysis, Business & IT Consulting, Forecasting and Planning. I requested my management to be introduced to other colleagues based in other locations to meet with them and exchange ideas and resources, share our success, lessons learnt and best practices.

At Talan, we believe that creating a sense of community is a key to success, that working together enables us to achieve our greatest potential, at once as individuals and as a firm. We therefore aim to cultivate a global culture of sharing: exchanging ideas and resources, sharing our success, and building each other up, across working groups, business units, and geographies.  

I am also working on some dashboards to optimize our resources within Talan. It keeps me on my toes and learning new technologies that I ‘ve never worked on before. I’m very happy that Talan gives me the opportunity not only to learn new things but also to work on strategic use cases. It also helps me to strengthen my technical and non-technical skills.


5. Could you describe a strong memory since you have joined Talan?

There are quite a few but, allow me to put a few:

  • Just on my 2nd day at work. I discussed about my career path and that way Talan, and I knew where we are headed towards. It was an amazing experience, as normally at this time you are setting up your inboxes and other related access, etc.
  • One of the business partners came to my desk to thank me for giving referrals, which made me feel special and everyone around me was looking at me with a big smile on their face.

It was funny too… I was named as a “gold mine” of the year 2021 by one of the directors…


6. Which person inspires you the most?

Honestly, this is one of the hardest questions to answer so far. It would be unfair of me to take one or few names and leave the rest of the team members. Everyone is an expert in one way or the other; someone is good with technical aspects, some are good at managing projects and/or people, some have great interpersonal skills and the transferrable skills and name associated to that list can go on and on.

One thing that is common to all team members is that they all strive to deliver superior value and tangible results for our clients by leveraging their expertise and empowering their team members.


7. Who would you like to work with?

For me the most important part is to develop my transferrable skills, whether technical or non-technical. I would love to work on every and any project/assignment that leaves me sleeping with an affirmative answer to the question: “Did I learn something new, today?”.