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Testimony of Julie Baudrier, Consultant Engineer at Talan

Discover the story of Julie who is working at Talan since 2019.


Can you present your background in a few lines ?

I graduated in September 2018 from a Master 2 Expert in Digital Strategy and have been working at Talan since November 2019. During a first work-study experience during my DUT, I discovered a real interest in digital marketing. I then started as an operational digital marketing manager for a major restaurant company in France. I then joined Talan to become an IS consultant.

As soon as I arrived, at the end of 2019, I led a major project for a Ministry as a functional acceptance consultant. Functional acceptance can be defined as a set of actions to verify the compliance of the delivered IS with the needs expressed in the specifications. It consists of carrying out a set of tests to validate or not the functional aspects. I was in charge of preparing the acceptance campaigns, writing the test cases, creating the data sets, I also carried out the acceptance and then declared the anomalies and monitored their correction.


What are your current missions ?

Since July 2021, I have been working on a digital transformation project within the Talan Group, I am part of the change management team. My role is to help deploy a tool for managing, executing and invoicing client assignments.

In this context, I design training, mobilisation and communication strategies. I also participated in the management by leading some Scrum-inspired ceremonies, by reporting on exchanges, meetings and team points, and by contributing to the realization of assessments related to the system.

One of the challenges was also to create numerous change management deliverables such as operating procedures, "I win" sheets, process sheets and a FAQ. I also took advantage of my marketing and graphic design skills to create communication deliverables such as a project presentation video, posters and mailings.

Thanks to this mission, I realise how important change management is in the life of a project. I have now mastered the different levers of change management, such as mobilising the players, training with the training plan and the design of materials, communication with the creation of communication materials and support and deployment.


What are the 3 words you would choose to present Talan?

The 3 words that I find appropriate to present Talan are conviviality, progress and fulfilment.

Indeed, Talan does everything possible to create a real conviviality within its firm so that its employees feel good in their work environment and are supported by a close management. The firm is also ranked as a Great Place to Work, which is an important point for me. For Talan, the progress of its employees is an important development issue. Each employee is given time to participate in conferences, write articles, monitor the latest developments, take part in training and certifications, etc. It is possible to constantly enrich one's knowledge and acquire new skills and experience. Means are also made available to employees to learn and capitalise on each other's experiences on assignment. It is possible to exchange on the problems encountered as well as on the methods used!


At Talan, what is your playground? How do you manage to explore it ?

My playground concerns the assignments I work on but also my internal activities. I joined the team that promotes internal communities. A community is a group of consultants who want to move the lines on a given theme. A community is for all Talan consultants (whatever their rank or seniority level). Those who wish to deepen their knowledge, those who wish to get involved in Talan's internal life and those who wish to share their knowledge. They allow us to follow the evolution of the different professions, formalise offers, identify good project practices, organise training, etc.

My role within the team is to take care of communication but also to structure, harmonise and facilitate the dissemination of the Communities' knowledge.


What is your strongest memory since joining Talan ?

My strongest memory is that of my arrival in this department. It was my first assignment as an IS consultant and I was discovering both the terms related to IT project management and the terms related to the business sector! After two weeks during which I assimilated the vocabulary and legal acronyms, I was quickly operational, happy and proud of myself!


Which person inspires you the most ?

There is not one but two people who inspire me: Sibel Efe and Émilie Lebrun! They are two Talan colleagues I met when I first joined Talan. They played a decisive role in my development on this first assignment. I will be eternally grateful to them for having integrated me so well and supported me. Sibel was my local manager at the time, I was in contact with her every day, she knew how to guide me and push me up. As for Émilie, she is the model consultant, I have always admired her ability to be exemplary on assignments and dedicated internally. I can say today that they have become true friends.