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Testimony of Amine Ramnadi, Support Analyst at Talan Consulting UK

In this employee testimony, Amine Ramnadi looks back at his career and his duties as Support Analyst at Talan Consulting.


Can you tell us about your career path in a few lines ?

After graduating from EPITECH, an IT school, I joined Talan directly in 2015. I first worked in Paris as a support for one of our clients, a large French bank, for 2 years. Then, through internal mobility, I joined Talan in the UK where I have been working at the client for almost four years.


What is your job title ?

I'm a support analyst, so I do technical and functional support on the commodities desk.  We are in charge of the proper functioning of the applications used on a daily basis, but we also need to have business knowledge to be able to explain production behaviours (P&L, risk, etc....)

We are in the trading room, right next to the traders and sales people. This is where all the front office activity takes place.

This proximity to the trading floor allows us to communicate very quickly on the various problems they may encounter during the day.


How did you come to join Talan ?

My master's degree at Epitech involved a lot of programming and project management and I wanted to see something else. I wanted to move towards a more functional aspect, to learn more about the business rather than the technology.  The position offered in functional support allowed me to learn about market finance since I had never done it before.


What are your current assignments ?

In support, we generally have only one mission at the client's site. My role is to ensure that the front-office applications have as few technical and functional problems as possible during their day. We have to make sure that these problems don't recur by means of technical checks, verifications and alerts. But our role doesn't stop there, we also have to develop the platform to integrate all the changes in technology. New databases, new servers.


Why England ?

Before joining Talan, I absolutely wanted to go abroad. When I joined Talan, I told one of my managers at the time that I wanted to join one of Talan's foreign branches. So I started interviewing in London. I have been living there for 4 years now.


Would you have 3 words to present Talan ?

I would say ambitious, growing (in the sense of group development) and fulfilling.

Talan's ambition is to become a major player in the various markets in which we currently operate. That's for the 'ambitious' part. To achieve this goal, Talan encourages all its consultants to "grow" through, for example, training, certifications, etc. And for all this to be sustainable, the employees must develop. At Talan, that's what we aim for... Employee development.


What is your playground at Talan ?

The opportunity to learn more and grow through a team leadership role. That's what I'm discovering at the moment!  I'm learning to manage teams. I coach Talan consultants, I help them to develop in their jobs. The idea is for them to progress quickly to reach their own personal and professional goals.


Do you have a strong memory since you joined Talan ?

I think of the integration weekend in Portugal in 2016. It was a very good weekend during which I met several members of my team but also all the Talan managers. The contact was very easy.


Who is the person who inspires you the most ? And why ?

I would say my parents because they are the ones who have passed on values to me since I was very young. Because of that, I am really grateful to them.

From a very young age, I was taught perseverance, i.e. to go forward regardless of the difficulties. I am attached to these values in my professional life but also in sport. Since I moved to London, I started triathlon. My goal was to complete a full iron man: 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike and a marathon (42.2 km). For someone who didn't do much sport, this was an unattainable goal, but with a little motivation and a lot of perseverance I achieved this goal in New Zealand in 2020.