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My life as a Talent Acquisition Specialist, my assignments at Talan, by Charline Brenot

Discover the testimony of Charline, her projects and journey at Talan.

Can you present your career in a few lines ?

Prior to join Talan UK, I started my career as an apprentice during my Master degree at Talan in France. I pursued in the company as a permanent employee. Then I asked for an international mobility as I wanted to work abroad and move in an English country.


What are the different projects you are working on at Talan ?

I’m currently working as a Talent Acquisition Specialist.

I’m responsible for sourcing, attracting candidates, screening resumes, conducting interviews, managing the entire recruitment process until the negotiation phase and the onboarding. We have to hire the top talents for the company and our clients.


What 3 words would you use to introduce Talan ?

  • Agility: We are able to support different projects from different countries even for the Corporate functions. For instance, I support the development in Belgium currently.
  • Opportunities: Talan will reward the employees eager to learn and to proof their motivations to achieve their goals. The company does her best to offer mobilities, promotions and to provide solutions according to the employee expectations.
  • Fun: I always had a lot of fun with my colleagues and even my managers at Talan at work and during informal events. The culture is great if you like a fun & a serious environment!


What has been your most memorable moment at Talan UK ?

We recently did an afterwork to play axes game. It was the first time I was playing this game and I really enjoyed it!


Who inspires you most in life ? Why ?

I like exigent people with me and with themself in order to improve the work continuously. It’s important to perform in a fast-paced environment to run a successful business. Gesture of goodwill and kindness are also key for me. The combination of excellence and kindness inspires me the most.