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Meeting with Thierry Benard, Enterprise Performance Management Consultant

Thierry looks back on his career, his daily life and his missions at Talan.

Thierry Benard

Can you present your career in a few lines?

After 6 years of experience in management control in the food industry, I joined Talan as a Business Analysis Consultant for the Lyon office. My mission was to support clients in developing EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) solutions. Over the course of the missions, I became a full-fledged EPM Consultant.
An EPM tool allows a company's financial or Adhoc performance management. The tool is used to plan, follow up, analyze budgets as well as to monitor performance. It can be specific to a department of the company.

What are your current missions?

I manage the implementation of an EPM tool at the customer's premises from start to finish, so I intervene as soon as the framing workshops are held. To do this, you first have to define the needs with the customer, support him in his choice of solutions, and write the specifications. Then, during the solution deployment phase, I build and test the solutions with the developers. This agility allows me to implement the most suitable tool for the customer. Thanks to my knowledge of the user needs and the different business lines, I continuously ensure the relevance of the proposed models with regard to the business lines.

3 words to introduce Talan?

  • Diversity: We are lucky to be in a very rich universe, both culturally and professionally. The diversity of profiles, coming from different backgrounds, contributes to make Talan a real "melting pot".

  • Team spirit: We most often work together. The special ties we have developed have strengthened this team spirit.

  • Autonomy: We are confident on the different projects which allows an important/considerable field of action.


At Talan, what's your playground? How do you manage to explore it?

My global playground is the EPM. And I'm passionate about it. I integrated Talan to do a different kind of management control that allows companies to deploy high-performance tools.
I'm exploring this playground through the different projects I'm piloting. They contribute to the variety and richness of my playground. Moreover, each project is unique because performance management differs from one company to another. I grow thanks to this multitude of projects.

A strong memory since you've been at Talan?

I don't have any particular memory in mind. But the position I hold is rich and intense. The projects themselves are very interesting challenges to be taken up as a team. I think in particular of moments when I have to explain to the client that, for the good of the project, a different path must be taken. In these circumstances, being face to face with high level interlocutors to present the situation to them is very instructive, as it requires both pedagogy and leadership.

Which person inspires you the most?

I like to follow people who, starting from strong ideas, build real empires. But success cannot sum up a person entirely. For example, Steve Jobs also had his share of shadows, no matter how visionary he was. And Apple's success didn't happen just thanks to him.
In any case, I like people who are daring, who pursue their innovative ideas, even if it means "shaking up" standards and benchmarks at the time. Finally, there are a lot of inspiring people to follow, whether they are athletes, or simply people who fulfill their dreams, in all fields.