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Meeting with Clémence Trouart, change management consultant

Clémence Trouart, Chaange Management Consultant at Ai3, now Talan, looks back on her career, her missions and her daily life.

Can you present your background in a few lines?  

My background is rather atypical. Originally, I was rather destined to become a Lucie Saint-Clair or a Christina Cordula with my diploma in image consulting and not as a change management consultant! 

And yet, I was going to face a huge change and immerse myself in it when I resumed my studies...  

Thanks to my energy and "hard" work, I had a Master's degree in digital marketing in Paris, alternating within the Engie group as a digital project manager.  

I had the opportunity to work for the Valeo Group and then for the IT department of Eiffage. It had the chance to meet and work with three consultants from the Talan group that I am pleased to meet again today.  

Originally from Brittany in France, it was after 6 years in Paris that I decided to return to my native place. In 2018, I joined the Ai3 agency in Nantes, bringing me closer to my family.  

Today, I am a change management consultant within the Consulting entity. I support companies in their digital transformation projects, and more particularly employees on changes linked to Microsoft 365 tools.  


What are your current missions?  

Organizations' digital transformation projects require functional and technological expertise in change management. The main missions I am entrusted with consist of co-building tomorrow's Microsoft365 roadmap with business units and IT Departments: identifying support, communication and training actions, and finally establishing success indicators. 

In addition, I advise clients in the definition of digital Workplace projects and the adoption of digital uses. Teams sometimes ask me to co-design responses to calls for tender, such as the project that has just finished for Paris 2024. The objective of this project was to meet a need for migration to Microsoft365 and more specifically on document management. 

What I like about my job is above all the lack of daily routine and the diversity of the projects I handle. I enjoy collaborating in a transversal way with experts with a variety of skills. Today my interest is focused on Environmental Management projects and more particularly on CSR. I hope to have the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and address these topics in the coming years.  


3 words to introduce Talan?    

People: they are at the heart of our daily values. We strive to share, help and challenge each other in our activities. In our work, we can count on our ability to help each other. The spirit of competition is not very present between regions/entities and this is really very pleasant. Conviviality is part of the company's DNA, especially through afterworks that are organized to federate the teams.  

Potential:Talan, like Talan, knows how to trust employees who want to grow and get involved in the company. It's up to everyone to challenge themselves in order to meet common interests.  

Agility: imbued with the Microsoft world, we have to keep up with the state of the art in order to benefit the customers who place their trust in us, so we have to reinvent ourselves every day; technology watch is one of our major pillars.  


Recently working in Talan, what do you hope to bring to it, based on your Ai3 experience?  

Talan and AI3 are two great families that have been able to create synergies since their merger in September 2020. I think that Ai3's employees, with their energy and passion for their job, will bring a freshness and a fresh eye to Talan.

In a proactive approach, we are co-constructing the future documentary processes of the Western teams. Although this period of time is not easy, the teams are willing to form a group directed towards a common goal.  


At Talan, what is your playfield?  

The merge between Ai3 and Talan has considerably widened our playing field: there are no limits at Talan! The Talan group's influence gives us a glimpse of new perspectives. With the arrival of Ai3, a Microsoft pure-player, Talan will be able to expand its expertise in the Microsoft 365 universe. Thanks to Talan, our range of offerings is expanding and so is my playfield. 


Strong memories at Talan?

As a newcomer at Talan, we're starting to create a bond with the teams. Our integration into Talan's offices is in progress, which will allow us to create new memories.  


Which person inspires you the most?  

My parents are people who really inspire me. They are exceptional. They taught us to be nice people while remaining ourselves.  

They animate us professionally. Despite the fact that they don't always understand what I do on my daily life at my job, they have always pushed me to follow my aspirations, whatever my professional choices would be : becoming a fashion designer, an image consultant or a change management consultant.  

Today, I would like to thank them for that.