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Meet Sofeya EL RHOUIZI, Project Manager at Talan in Canada

In this testimony, Sofeya talks about her career path and her experience at Talan.


Could you introduce your career path?

I’m a professional engineer and member of the Quebec Engineers Order with 8 years of professional experience. At Talan, I am Project Manager within an international investment bank, managing projects within the Cyber Security department.

Before joining Talan, I worked in different industries as Project Manager and as a continuous improvement leader where I managed to gain efficiencies and reduce unnecessary costs through different projects. I have acquired a solid expertise working for very large global organizations and have demonstrated my ability to manage staff remotely and deliver complex programs to deadlines and budgetary targets, while achieving substantial business benefits.


What are the different projects/initiatives you are currently working on?

I work in the Data Loss Prevention Department as a Project Manager. To name a few:

  • Implementation of NYDFS Security Requirements by using IBM Guardium
  • Migration of the Titus information classification tool to the AIP tool in accordance with the Group Strategy

At the same time, I help the Data Security team streamline their process, standardize, and optimize the visibility of their project portfolio using the project JIRA, a dedicated project management tool.


So, what is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is the practice of detecting and preventing data breaches, exfiltration, or unwanted destruction of sensitive data. Organizations use DLP to protect and secure their data and comply with regulations.

Once those violations are identified, DLP enforces remediation with alerts, encryption, and other protective actions to prevent end users from accidentally or maliciously sharing data that could put the organization at risk.

Data loss prevention software and tools monitor and control endpoint activities, filter data streams on corporate networks, and monitor data in the cloud to protect data at rest, in motion, and in use.

DLP also provides reporting to meet compliance and auditing requirements and identify areas of weakness and anomalies for forensics and incident response.


3 words to introduce Talan?

  • Supportive: Talan is one of the best companies where I have felt support from day one till today. I always have support of the team in my growth and career development.
  • Collaborative: Talan celebrates collaboration, with a strong emphasis on working together to succeed whether on internal projects or clients’ projects.
  • Inclusive: Talan promotes diversity, and inclusion is a key priority for Talan. At Talan, I have the great opportunity to work with people from diverse backgrounds and learn from them.


At Talan, what is your playfield? How do you manage to explore it?

I work to develop Talan’s footprint and influence within my client environment by addressing each of their sourcing needs, supporting them in the process of qualifying their needs and making a first cut in terms of candidate selection process.

Eventually, I aim to become a Talan Local/Proximity Manager within my client environment welcoming and onboarding new Talan joiners into my clients’ environment and being the primary point of contact.

As a Proximity Manager, I will be primary point of contact within Talan to address any questions they may have, such as:

  • How to use the company’s tools to handle their timesheet (weekly basis), request day offs for your upcoming vacations, or claim the refund of their expenses.
  • How to set up your objectives for the upcoming year (training objectives, career path within Talan, their contributions within the development of the company)
  • How Talan can help you to tackle all the challenges they will have to overcome throughout your clients’ assignment.


Could you describe a strong memory since you have joined Talan?

The onboarding process when I joined the company was great! I felt so supported, and it enabled me to hit the ground running.


Which person inspires you the most?

There are many people who inspire me. I learn and get inspiration from everyone I work with. I always continue to learn from everyone’s experience and draw inspiration from best practices. I apply these best practices to my career development to continuously improve in terms of career vision and work approach.


Who would you like to work with?

I will not name a specific person. But, in general I most enjoy working with someone who has the mindset of leadership and not one of authoritarianism. Someone who can act as a coach to help me move forward and grow. Someone who will help me climb the ladder and guide me whatever it takes to reach upper levels.