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Meet Julien Weill, Talan Group Delivery Director

In this interview, Julien tells us about his career at Talan with a special focus on the new Delivery Department, created this year!


Who are you? Can you introduce yourself?

I'm Julien Weill, I'm 49 years old and I've spent almost 25 years in Digital Transformation consulting. I was born in Lyon, grew up and lived in Paris and have been in Bordeaux for 4 years. I started my career as a consultant in a large European consulting firm. I accompanied Mikael Thépaut during the creation of EXL Group which became Talan Solutions when it was acquired by Talan in 2016. For the past 12 years, I have been managing BUs and agencies, as well as delivery or programs Director for our clients.


Can you tell us what the Delivery Department is?

The Delivery Department is a new Talan entity that has 4 major objectives (and many minor ones :) :

- Operationally, to support teams on critical and complex projects, from the pre-sales phase to closing. The idea is to help them to better control their commitments, the quality of services and, ultimately, to improve the profitability of projects and customer satisfaction,

- Define and deploy methods, processes and tools that will enable Talan to further its development, industrialise, standardise its practices and make life easier for consultants and managers. This is necessary for a group that is growing as fast as Talan

- Better training for project managers and directors,

- Provide Group Management with clear visibility on the health of projects and provide recommendations and action plans for continuous improvement of our practices and results.


Who makes up this new department?

The Delivery Department is made up of two types of profiles:

Firstly, a core group, the Delivery Cockpit, currently made up of 5 people dedicated to this department, professionals experienced in managing large projects. Then there are about fifteen Delivery Managers, whose primary role is to manage the commitments of their respective BUs, but who also play an active part in the various projects of the Delivery Department.


Can you give us some indicators?

Every year the Talan Group delivers nearly 1,000 fixed price projects, for a turnover of about €100M. Add to this the thousands of proposals and contracts and you get an idea of the scope of responsibility.


What are the priority projects for early 2023?

Our next projects are :

- The deployment of new processes and tools (Hyperlex for contract management, Upflow for collection management, etc. and the constant improvement of Kimble),

- The deployment of the international management team and the strengthening of the network of delivery managers in all BUs,

- The industrialisation of our Service Centre offerings,

- The launch of the 5th Delivery by Talan training course,

- ... And always monitoring major projects alongside the BUs at our clients' sites.