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Interview of Benjamin, Project Manager at Talan in New-York City

In this testimony, Benjamin talks about his international career and missions and describes Talan in his own words.


Could you introduce your career path?

I am originally from Paris and came to the US for my studies. I graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor's in Management and a Master’s degree in Business/Information Systems. After my studies, I moved to New York and joined Ernst & Young (EY). During my 4.5 years at EY most of my work evolved around project/program management, business process modeling and auditing. 

From an industry standpoint, most of my clients were within the Life Sciences and Healthcare space. After 4.5 years at EY, I had the opportunity to join Talan to work for an investment bank in project management and change management. I have now been with the firm for 9 months and it has been a great journey so far.


What are your current missions?

The Real Estate program team has been working on the Bank’s future location strategy over the past year; there has been an extensive exercise to determine the space requirements for the next 10-20 years, including a thorough real estate search across their footprint, based on location, infrastructure, resiliency, employee, and client needs.

This is part of the global strategy to move towards new ways of working and new working environment. Our client needed a project manager to develop a robust communication plan, by using mechanisms of discussion through different campaigns, and by leveraging transversal communication opportunities.

Transparency, validation, buy-in and perpetual communication proved to be critical throughout this process.


3 words to introduce Talan?

  • Supportive: As a Talan employee, I feel that the firm has a supportive workplace culture. In fact, I feel supported in my career growth and development.
  • Inclusive: Despite being part of a relatively small office compared to offices in Europe, I noticed that diversity and inclusion is a key priority for Talan. In fact, diversity is always welcomed and appreciated. It is a pleasure and a humbling experience to work with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Collaborative: The best work is usually originating from great collaborations. Talan celebrates collaboration, with a strong emphasis on working together to achieve success whether it is on internal or clients’ projects.


At Talan, what is your playfield? How do you manage to explore it?

Since the beginning of my career, I have always been involved with internal initiatives. At Talan I have been working on the recruiting strategy for the New York office. Through this internal project I had the opportunity to attend the Talan Employer Spotlight event and give a presentation about the firm to students at Pace University. 


Could you describe a strong memory since you have joined Talan?

The onboarding process when I joined the firm was great! It was obviously not easy to start a new job without meeting your colleagues or your client due to Covid restrictions. However, I felt supported, and it enabled me to hit the ground running.


Which person inspires you the most?

The life of Stephen Hawking was inspiring. Despite being diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) at the age of 21, he did not give up and went on being a World-renowned physicist. 


Who would you like to work with?

Despite his erratic behavior, I would probably say Elon Musk. He is a visionary and transformational leader.