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'Enhanced resuscitator' platform rewarded at 2022 Silicon Awards

Talan is proud to have won the bronze medal at the 2022 Silicon Awards in the “Innovation” category for the “enhanced resuscitator” platform developed in partnership with AiiNTENSE. A solution that enables better management of patients in neurological resuscitation and saves lives.

The Silicon Awards are the reference trophies of the IT and tech universe. The enhanced resuscitator project was selected by a panel of influential experts in the field of new technologies.


Several months ago, Talan partnered with neuroscience start-up AiiNTENSE to develop their artificial intelligence-based technology solutions for patients in neurological resuscitation.

The objective of these solutions is to provide essential decision-making tools in resuscitation to best assess the neurological status of patients. Thanks to cognitive decision-making assistants, remote expertise services and data collection in a single interface, these solutions create a collaborative work environment focused on care and adapted to hospital needs. A real asset that enables better patient management and monitoring.

Because the quality of data in neurology is essential to improve patient care or to improve medical knowledge. The quality of medical decision-making and research depends above all on access to quality and reliable patient data. However, these neurological data are complex, come from multiple sources and most often are not standardised.

The augmented resuscitator aims, thanks to artificial intelligence, to develop and operate an intelligent platform to assist decision-making and diagnosis in the medical field. This creates value for the entire ecosystem:

  • Improved and personalised care pathways for patients
  • Enhanced medical expertise enabling the best possible decision
  • Connected healthcare facilities

These innovative and intuitive tools provide better data interoperability in the face of the heterogeneity of the different software solutions of hospitals and the diversity of clinical observations. The partnership with AiiNTENSE and the resulting solutions perfectly illustrate Talan’s raison d’être: “We believe that only a humanistic practice of technology will make the new digital age an era of progress for all.” We are convinced that it is truly by serving people that technology deploys its full potential.