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EcoCode Challenge, Talan takes up the challenge!

On June 2nd and 3rd, at the initiative of the Crédit Agricole Group, a new type of hackathon took place: "The ecoCode Challenge".

More than 40 partners of the Group participated in this open-source project whose objective was to enrich the SonarQube software with new control capabilities to reduce the environmental impact of softwares developed with this solution.

SonarQube is an open-source quality measurement software that helps developers improve their source code and spread "clean-code" best practices. For many years, SonarQube has been a standard adopted by the entire IT ecosystem. 

During 2 days at Simplon, the digital school or remotely, teams of different sizes and means competed for a "good cause" around 3 challenges: #greencode, #greenandroid and #greenbrainstorming.

A jury of IT and digital responsibility experts finally distinguished the most productive and innovative teams. Of course, at the end of this hackathon, in line with an open-source approach, all the developments were made available to the global community.

Talan, committed to a CSR approach and greener IT, immediately responded to the call of its client and participated in this first edition of the EcoCode Challenge. For the occasion, the company formed a team of several developers: the Rhinoceros team.

There was a lot of discussion and ideas around an objective that has always been present at Talan: improving the quality of the code produced. These two days also provided an opportunity to learn more about green coding. In the end, for everyone and in the light of an eco-responsible it, "The ecoCode Challenge" allowed to rethink one's job differently.

When asked about this, Olivier Marchand, Manager of Climate & Responsible Digital at Talan, told us, "This initiative completely echoes what we are doing at Talan. We encourage this type of initiative so that the teams take up the subject of responsible digital technology via green it topics like this hackaton or via an IT for green approach... That is, how IT can help solve certain problems. Our customers are asking for it, but so are our employees. This type of initiative can make a difference.

See you next year for a new edition of the ecoCode Challenge!