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Innovation to reshape organisations and create value, positively


Innovation is at the heart of the Talan group's DNA. We rely on collective intelligence with our employees, customers and partners to imagine and develop new solutions to serve people.

Startup Network: co-creating with an ecosystem of innovative start-ups

The Startup Network is a business accelerator developed by Talan. This network of mutual assistance and support for innovative and specialised startups aims to grow and create synergies for all members of the ecosystem. Meeting the teams allows us to challenge ideas, methods and approaches and to co-create innovative and impactful solutions for our customers. 

Today, the Startup Network addresses for example the training and employee engagement sectors (Lemon Learning, Actomine), health (AiiNTENSE, SKeewAI), the digital twin (Ubiant), certification/authentication (Navee, KeeeX), etc.

Talan Research and Innovation Centre

Created in 2019, the mission of the Talan Research and Innovation Centre is to encourage and drive the group's technological and methodological innovation initiatives, particularly in the areas of digital transformation, artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data and IoT. It manages these projects, facilitates collaboration between the entities, guides the research approach and coordinates the resources involved.

Our research focuses primarily on projects in line with the "humanist tech" and our CSR policy: safeguarding the environment, reducing the digital divide, augmented health, etc.


Engage in today’s education to train tomorrow’s talent

The Talan group has developed strong links with the teaching and research worlds to develop innovative courses and offer training in line with the needs of today and tomorrow.

Our experts are also involved with leading schools and are involved in innovative and future courses, whether to train undergraduate students or retraining professionals. 

For example, we work alongside Microsoft on the "AI School" in Simplon, which trains 24 apprentices for free for 19 months in AI professions. We are also an exclusive partner of the Methods and Algorithms for Artificial Intelligence chair at Télécom ParisTech. 

Finally, Talan is committed to democratising digital professions, particularly among women who are still too often under-represented in these professions. We are also involved in the Women & Science chair at Paris-Dauphine University, which aims to mobilise and develop multidisciplinary approaches to analyse the determinants and impact of the low presence of women in scientific studies and careers.

Innovative and leading technology partners, constantly renewed

Talan has developed a vast ecosystem of selected and constantly renewed technological partners. The Group relies on teams of experts organised into international communities whose missions are to ensure continuous technological monitoring and a high level of expertise and innovation in the solutions of our partners. This methodology ensures that our teams and our customers capitalise on the best market standards in terms of digital transformation and innovation.

Thus, nearly fifty partners, generalists (Microsoft, IBM, etc.) and specialists (Snowflake, VIF, Board, etc.), work alongside us on a daily basis to equip your businesses with the most efficient solutions on the market.

Our alliance and strategic partners: