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Testimony of Juliette Marsollier, support analyst at Talan in the UK

Meet Juliette who talks about her career and describes Talan in her own words.


What was your background before joining Talan ?

I did my last three years of university-level studies as an apprentice, where I discovered the banking sector and never left. My first professional experience allowed me to discover the world of support in a corporate and investment bank. After more than six years in Paris, I moved to London three years ago. That is where I had the opportunity to join Talan.


At Talan, what is your playfield ?

Always in support and always in the banking sector. Since arriving in London, I have been working for another financial player in the commodities sector. I joined a team of six people located between London and Singapore. What I like about support is that no two days are ever the same. They are punctuated by production and incidents (or not). 

Our scope is vast. We cover the whole production chain, from the front to the back, and the subjects and the people we deal with are very varied. As we are multi-skilled, we may have to deal with user requests ranging from the simplest, such as managing access to our tools, to the most complex, such as analysing the data we provide.

All this requires a good knowledge and understanding of the whole chain. We are also in charge of our server infrastructure. We must keep an eye on the platform to make sure it always works properly. This is the work of a whole team; it requires good group cohesion and an ability to understand the needs of all the people we work with.


3 words to introduce Talan ?


Every time I see Talan's news about a new acquisition, I sense a real desire of expansion and offer an extremely wide range of services to its customers.


At Talan, there is a constant desire to improve in areas of trailblazing technology.

Team Spirit

Covid has not helped us much lately, but there has always been a closeness between all Talan members.


What has been your most memorable moment at Talan ?

A game of mini golf in the City at the foot of the Gherkin last October. After a difficult year, an evening to get together and have fun felt like a return to some semblance of normality. I realise that I work in a team of caring, interesting people who also know how to have fun. This is exactly the atmosphere I am looking for in a company.


Who inspires you the most ?

I admire people who are not afraid to take risks and who believe in their ideas and projects. I currently follow Mimi Ikonn on social media. She is a blogger and entrepreneur who has started several businesses, some of which have worked and some of which have not. I love that she talks openly about it and says that you must first fail to succeed.