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Stéphanie Butorovic, SAP consultant at PASàPAS: “It’s obvious that women have their place in the digital field”

After working for 10 years alongside a leader who was her mentor, Stéphanie Butorovic is now working on SAP S/4 HANA conversion projects at PASàPAS, the French leader in SAP solutions, which joined Talan at the end of 2021. This young Talan recently joined the “Conversion Factory”, the team dedicated to the industrialisation of conversion methods.

In the 9th arrondissement of Paris, within the Conversion Factory at PASàPAS. Stéphanie Butorovic, an optimistic, dynamic and demanding young woman, explains: “Project management really is my thing”. After starting with project management assistance missions when she joined the company nearly 4 years ago, she now manages conversion projects on the project management side. 


Meet the “right person”

After her Masters in Economics and Business Management at the Sorbonne, Stéphanie found a digital learning course on SAP in a large group. His older brother, who works in the council himself, had already made him aware of this environment. “It was by chance that I took this path. And finally, chance did it well”, she says. Since the beginning of her professional life, she has “never felt any inequality” due to her female condition and has “never asked herself questions on this subject. At no point was it a problem for me”, she says. Today, she enjoys working in an environment where women are present, both in the operational team and in support functions. 

In a consulting firm during these 10 years (first a change management consultant and a project management assistant, then a business manager), she reports to the founder and CEO. “An iron hand in a velvet glove”, but also an “entrepreneur at heart who set up her 340-person company alone”. “She was there to train and support us. It was very constructive”. A mentor? “Totally”, replies the consultant. "By working with her on a daily basis, there is no question about being a woman. It is clear to me that women have a place in digital technology”, says Stéphanie, who left the company after the CEO retired. 

I was lucky enough to work with the right person”, she explains. Before mentioning Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba: “Before 20 years, be a good student. Before 30, follow someone. Go to a small company, you learn passion, you learn to dream. It is not the company you go to that matters, it is the boss you follow..  “That’s exactly what happened to me”, she comments. With 10 years of dating this charismatic woman, Stéphanie has retained key skills: a sense of customer relations, made up of listening and transparency, but also balanced management, between empathy and efficiency. “We no longer have any professional ties but we are still very close”, says Stéphanie, who regularly revisits her former boss and some of her colleagues – today “friends”.


From project management to project management

Eager to join a company focused on people, she joined PASàPAS, which she discovered in the Great places to work ranking. From the first discussion with the recruitment officer, she immediately feels “transparency” and feels “comfortable”. “They do not recruit on assignment, but rather on profile. They are mostly looking for personalities”.

When she joined the company, Stéphanie was providing project management assistance to assist customers in their stakes. Two years later, she moved on to project management and project management, on the integration side, to support customers moving from the old to the new SAP system. For each conversion project, it manages around ten participants. “It’s a completely different job, dealing with technical subjects and a completely different attitude”, she stresses.

There is a way forward in terms of development, system administration, etc. “It happened quite naturally and gradually because I was very well supported”, says the consultant, who has not received any technical training, but is “able to find solutions, mobilise resources and people” to help her colleagues.  She recently joined the "Conversion Factory" team, which is developing an industrial method to quickly deliver conversion projects. 


The “need to always learn new things”

Above all, she explains, “there are only experts at PASàPAS”, which recruits very few juniors. “When I have a problem, I turn around and there are 390 employees who can help me. I never feel alone about an issue; I know that I will always find someone to give me their insights, whatever the subject. This is the great strength from PASàPAS".  Stéphanie particularly likes team spirit and the omnipresent collaborative work. Her colleagues ask her a lot of questions on Teams as they go along. “I like dynamism, when there are lots of subjects to deal with, being 120%. In my job, I keep learning new things all the time. I need it and I don’t tire of it”, she insists. 

“At PASàPAS, we do not limit my creativity; on the contrary, we encourage it. I can therefore take initiatives, be innovative (for example on commercial offers), work on subjects related to my core business or outside it, and apply my new ideas.  I am very independent in my work”, she adds. Stéphanie particularly appreciates the diversity of the customer relationship: “Due to their corporate culture and their relationship, all our customers are different".  Following the acquisition of PASàPAS, she is delighted to have joined the Talan group, whose ambition, international presence and diversity of customers and offers she appreciates.