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My life as a consultant, my assignments, by Sandra Piginaite

In this testimony, Sandra Piginaite shares with us her experience at Talan.

Can you present your career in a few lines ?

Prior to joining Talan, I was working in Fashion industry for a Luxury brand.
Firstly I joined Talan Academy in Malaga where we been trained on Recruitment and Business Development, after 5 months of training I have joined Talan UK as Talent Acquisition Specialist.


What are the different projects you are working on at Talan ?

I’m currently working as a Talent Acquisition Specialist.
As a Talent Acquisition Specialist, I’m responsible for sourcing, attracting candidates, screening resumes, conducting interviews, managing the entire recruitment process, and hiring top talent for the company. 


What 3 words would you use to introduce Talan ?

Collaboration - At Talan we share ideas, knowledge, and resources to achieve better results.

Diversity - We are all encouraged to share our perspectives and experiences, resulting in dynamic and inclusive workplace culture.

Support - Talan provides positive work environment that encourages growth, development, and helps employees to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.


What has been your most memorable moment at Talan UK ?

I’d say it was my first Christmas party at Talan, I had a chance to meet most of my colleagues from all the UK. 


Who inspires you most in life ? Why ?

Positive people! I think positivity is contagious.