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Microsoft Inspire 2022: Five digital imperatives for organizations

Five key highlights from Microsoft Inspire 2022: new products and features to support your digital transformation!

Photo Credit : Official Microsoft Blog - Microsoft Inspire 2022: Unlocking new partner opportunities, solutions for hybrid work and more

By Samer Boulos, Tech Lead Microsoft BI at Talan

This week, Talan’s teams attended the 2022 Microsoft Inspire, Microsoft’s largest partner event of the year!

This year’s focus was on digital transformation and the Microsoft Cloud. As Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, said it in his opening keynote:


« Every organization in every industry will continue to infuse digital technology into every business process and function » and this will be the difference between organizations that will thrive and others that will be left behind.


The event highlighted five key digital imperatives for organization’s digital transformation. We'll detail them below, focusing on some announcements made on new products and features.


1. Migrate to the Cloud

Companies are rethinking (or should be!) their IT infrastructure investments to reduce their costs, increase scalability and reduce their carbon footprint. By 2025, 95% of new digital workloads should be deployed directly into the cloud.

Microsoft offers one the best value for customers moving to the cloud with some key benefits and a wide range of solutions that differentiate them on the market:

  • Competitive pricing to run Windows and SQL Server VMs on Azure
  • Widespread data centers across the globe, with 10 new data centers in 10 different markets to be launched over the next year!
  • Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty, a new solution that was announced during the eventwill help public sector customers migrate to the cloud while meeting their government’s specific data sovereignty, security and privacy requirements.
  • Azure Arc allows customers to leverage the power of Azure in hybrid, edge and multi-cloud environments


2. Empower fusion teams

Today, every company wants to empower its employees to build apps, automate, simplify, and accelerate their processes. More and more fusion teams of pro and citizen developers are emerging. Industries like retail, public sector and energy are outgrowing the tech industry in terms of demand for developers! Microsoft has a complete platform for all developers:

  • Azure DevOps and GitHub allow developers to collaborate, code, and deliver their solutions faster than ever before.
  • Azure Container Apps and Azure Spring Apps Enterprise bring much needed ease to the building and deploying of modern and Java apps at massive scale.
  • The Power Platform gives citizen developers the opportunity to automate tedious processes as well as building low-code to no-code end-to-end business solutions at reduced costs.


3. Unify data and apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) models

Companies rely on data to make their decisions. To effectively do that, they are trying to gather their data in one place to build their analytical solutions and apply AI models at large. We are in the midst of the AI revolution. AI is not only used to process data, but also to produce it.

Microsoft supports its customers in their entire data journey with the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform. This platform aims to lower the total cost of ownership all while increasing the performance of data processing. Microsoft has also built and trained powerful AI models in Azure and have made them available as platforms to enable advances in all use cases facing us as a society.


4. Collaborative business process

The global workforce today is split; some employees are looking to work from home as much as possible, while others are longing for more face-to-face time with their colleagues. Hybrid work, and the flexibility it provides, is here to stay!

With Microsoft 365, companies have all the solutions they need to optimize hybrid work and make sure that every part of the workforce can do their job with ease and comfort:

  • Microsoft Teams goes on innovating to support employees wherever and whenever they work. Here are some cool new features that were announced during the event:
  • Excel Live: Allows users to collaborate on an Excel file without leaving the meeting window
  • Collaborative annotations: Allows users to engage with any content during a screen share
  • Video Clip: Allows users to record and send their colleagues short video messages
  • Team rooms are being set up around the world to bridge the gap between on premise and at home employees
  • Microsoft Viva is being used more and more by organizations to manage and optimize their employees’ digital experience and wellbeing
  • Windows 365 is helping companies to onboard employees faster and from anywhere on the planet


5. Prioritize Security

Security should be the top priority for any organization with a digital presence. Companies are facing an increasing number of cyber-attacks.

Microsoft is combining technology and human expertise to provide a full security solution for all its customers. From identity management to endpoint security as well as compliance and data governance, Microsoft offers a multi-cloud support for all of a company’s security needs.


Want to learn more ? Discover our partnership with Microsoft and contact our experts!