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Olivier looks back on his career, his daily life and his missions at Talan.

Could you introduce yourself and your career path?

I joined Talan Solutions in September 2012 as a work-study student in the final year of a Master's degree programme in Information Systems Management. Once I graduated, I continued the adventure as an EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) Technical-Functional Consultant, then Project Manager, and now Manager. I have carried out most of my projects with a commitment to results, which is part of the Talan DNA.

I took on team management functions in 2016.

Currently, and since 2018, I am responsible for the Maximo offer within the team and co-lead, with two other colleagues, a team of 70 consultants.

Enterprise Asset Management represents the management of corporate industrial assets. We provide IT tools for our clients to manage the maintenance of their machine park. For example, SNCF Réseau uses one of the solutions we offer: Maximo from IBM for the management of the maintenance of their infrastructures and their machines and tools.


What are your current duties/missions?

As an offer manager, my day-to-day work revolves around three major activities: team follow-up, sales and delivery. I take care of a project from A to Z: from "pre-sales" with the identification of opportunities, responses to calls for tender, then delivery. We put the development of our teams at the forefront of their mission to ensure customer satisfaction.

I intervene on a certain number of client missions that I pilot or as a consultant on business subjects or on maintenance 4.0 (IoT, AI) on IBM solutions.

Offer and development are complementary and inseparable... to do this, a business plan must be defined and its implementation monitored. That obviously involves another part of my activities, and not the least of them: identifying, qualifying and recruiting our future Talan(ts)!


What 3 words would you use to Introduce Talan?

Conviviality: People come first because the development of employees is essential.

Freedom: Talan's management style allows everyone to express their ideas and, above all, to implement them.

Intrapreneurship: There are many opportunities for those who want to take on responsibilities, build teams and develop offers. It's the confidence that Talan has placed in me that allowed me to go from apprentice to manager of an offer in just a few years.


At Talan, what is your playfield? How do you manage to explore it?

My greatest satisfaction, as a manager and offer manager, is to help others grow, to succeed in delegating missions to people who then gain responsibility, improve their skills and deliver projects. And this is possible thanks to the freedom and autonomy that I am given to choose my teams.


Could you describe a strong memory since you have joined Talan?

I have in mind a trip I took to Lisbon in 2016. It was the integration weekend during the merger of EXL Group and Talan. The organisation and activities were memorable. You could feel the friendliness of the group throughout the weekend.

In spite of the merger, we kept our autonomy while having a greater commercial influence, which enriched our playfield and created new opportunities.


Which person inspires you the most? Who would you like to work with?

Without wanting it to sound a little clichéd, Talan being "my first home", I would say my manager…Ramzi Hadiji. It is thanks to his confidence, his coaching and his human side that I got me where I am today.