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Meeting with Khouloud Neili, consultant at Talan Luxembourg

In this interview, Khouloud Neili tells us about her experience as a developer at Talan.


Can you present your background in a few words? 

My name is Khouloud Neili, I am an engineer and I work for Talan in Luxembourg. I have a versatile background that allows me to work with a large number of clients in various economic sectors. I have worked on many projects in the field of IT development, digital transformation, data analysis, AI and smart automation. I have developed my skills in development by working with different languages such as Java, C# or Python...

What are your current missions?

I am currently working as a consultant for a large international financial institution. I work for the digital transformation department.

Is it nice?

Yes, very nice. I feel very fulfilled. The projects I work on are very interesting and the general atmosphere is very pleasant.

What do you find at Talan that you wouldn't find elsewhere?

Talan offers an environment where mutual aid, sharing and listening are always privileged and put forward. In addition, I share a large number of values with Talan, values that are often difficult to find in other companies.

Are you a soccer or rugby fan?

Although I'm a soccer fan, I prefer rugby for many reasons. It requires solidarity, commitment and a certain sense of discipline. Rugby teaches you to live in a community and promotes cohesion within the group.

At Talan, what is your playing field?

To develop my sense of belonging, I participate in a lot of internal events. This feeling was born when Talan offered me my first professional experience via an internship at the end of my studies. This internship turned into a permanent contract. I hope that this collaboration will be as long as possible.

One of my playgrounds is the RPA. Thanks to an internal project on process automation, I was able to familiarize myself and develop my skills in the field.

Also, I am following a training cycle around IT development and DevOps in order to increase my skills on the subject. This new approach is fascinating and more and more in demand. It's a way to help Talan offer new services to its customers.

Who is the person who inspires you the most?

Without a doubt, my father is my biggest inspiration. Ili does everything for the good of his family. He is caring, helpful and kind. He always finds time to teach me things and he does it without pushing me. I have learned from him that any failure can be turned into a success if you stick with it and try harder.