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Meet Sara Luque Venzalá

In this testimony, Sara Luque, IT Talent attraction & Business Development Specialist at Talan in Spain, tells us about her experience at the Talan Talent Attraction and Business Development Academy located in the Malaga Centre of Excellence since she joined in January 2022.


How was your experience in the Talent Attraction & Business Development Academy?


The experience in terms of learning has been very good, and in terms of life experience, even more so. Having been able to share with the different colleagues who came from other countries, not only the experience of this intensive learning, but also the experiences as a family, meals, outings, shopping, dinners and much more... that we have been able to share.

Sharing all these experiences with colleagues with whom you will work and with whom you will collaborate in the future makes you much more united, you understand each other much better, and everything flows much more



What three words would you use to describe the academy?


Learning, intensive, life experience.


What has been your playfield during these months?


The training has been in the field of recruiting and sales, but it is true that I have been more focused on recruiting, unlike what I had in mind when we started.


Best memory of your time at the academy since joining Talan:


From the outings we all went on together, to the little details of the day where we laughed at each other's phone calls


Which country have you chosen as your destination, why?  


I am from Spain and I am staying in Spain, more specifically in Malaga. I have already lived abroad and now I have my family here, in my case I already had the experience of living abroad and living that experience, now I have other priorities and here you also live very well.


In Spain, what do you hope to bring from your experience?


At the recruitment level, which is where I will be developing my work, I hope to bring growth in the different projects we have open, incorporating new consultants and making the Talan family grow.