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Meet Guillaume Cambefort, Sales Consultant at Talan

In this testimony, Guillaume Cambefort tells us about his experience at the Talan Talent Attraction and Business Development Academy located in the Malaga Centre of Excellence since he joined in January 2022.


How was your experience in the Talent Attraction & Business Development Academy?

I have a generalist engineer background combined with an MBA in Business.

I arrived here at Talan, in Malaga, with 4+ years’ experience as a Project Manager in the industrial sector. I joined because I wanted to reorient myself to the Sales area, in the IT sector which (for me) has the biggest potential within the following years.

Talan allowed me to do that through the Academy, and I thank them for that. I learned all the IT knowledge & techniques necessary to recruit consultants, to do business with clients, and to sell Talan. This training has made me more mature, and I am now confident of my abilities

What three words would you use to describe the academy?

  • Learning: the combination of theoretical and practical was the perfect fit to develop my skills.
  • Stimulation: the healthy competition between the different members of the academy pushes us to success. The recognition after making deals, is what drives us to keep working hard.
  • Teamwork: There is a mutual support between countries, recruiters, and salesperson and it drives you towards helping each other

What has been your playfield during these months?

Regarding the recruitment, I really enjoyed talking with candidates, discovering stories of their life, trying to go for their commitment.

Regarding the business development, I really took it like a game. Most of the time, I failed, again and again. But with perseverance and thinking outside the box, I was able to achieve my first results. Moreover, I appreciated talking to C-level members, it was a good way to progress and learn through their knowledge.

Best memory of your time at the academy since joining Talan:

My first recruitment deal, after one month of training. The tradition here at Talan, is getting a standing ovation when someone closes a deal. It's very heart-warming, stimulating and it pushes us to continue our efforts towards progression.

Which country have you chosen as your destination, why?  

I chose Switzerland, firstly, because I had already worked abroad during my career (UK, Germany, Spain) and I wanted to keep working in an international environment. Then, although we are mature on the Swiss market, there is a huge potential for expansion in the IT market, and I want to be part of it.

Secondly, on a personal level, I like the lifestyle that this country offers. I have personal projects and my next objective is to invest in property in my hometown (Toulouse, France). As a result, I am determined to maximize my income by opening as many accounts as possible and help the business in Switzerland continue growing.

In Switzerland, what do you hope to bring from your experience?

I hope to bring my resilience and confidence acquired during this training. Having evolved in an international environment helped me to improve my languages skills and to do business in English especially in the German part of Switzerland. I look forward to being part of the project and making Talan bigger. Work Hard, play hard.