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Improve customer relationship monitoring through the implementation of the Dynamics 365 CRM

Customer case: how the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM has enabled an asset management company to improve its monitoring of the customer relationship

Snapshot of the mission : 

  • Year: 2019-2021
  • Country: France
  • Sector: Finance
  • Type of mission: strategy, scoping, implementation of a CRM solution
  • Technology: Microsoft Dynamics 365


The challenge: to replace a sales monitoring tool with a CRM tool serving 360° customer knowledge.

With around €1,000 billion in assets under management, our client is one of the main French asset management players.   

In 2019, to meet the requirements of regulators, its General Management and its business lines, our client wished to carry out a reflection aimed at strengthening its sales system and anchoring it in a dimension of monitoring customer relations in the broad sense. 

A replacement of the old sales monitoring tool, slow and not very ergonomic, has therefore been decided, in favour of a solution common to the teams in charge of all customer relationship monitoring (sales, marketing and customer service): a CRM (customer relationship management). This was intended to enable better information sharing between the teams and better collaboration serving end customers.   


This transition to a CRM entailed several challenges:

  • Transfer of information to integrate a thousand existing accounts
  • Integration with the various IS tools such as KYC, the product reference framework and the outstandings manager.
  • Data security
  • Multilingual interface (4 languages)


The mission : support the customer relations strategy using an appropriate CRM solution, implement it and integrate it into the IS.

This mission was divided into two major projects. 


  • Scoping: align expectations and define a roadmap (2 months)

In line with the ambitions of our customer’s 2022 strategy, the aim of the scoping phase was to take stock of the existing situation, formalise the project objectives for the Departments and deliver a roadmap for the implementation and integration of a CRM. 

It is on this basis that the Talan teams have benchmarked the various CRM solutions available on the market. Our teams then proposed several scenarios, with, for each of them, a roadmap including their IT and financial impacts. 

In light of these elements, it was the Microsoft Dynamics solution that was chosen. Key users were then immediately identified and involved in the project with the aim of demonstrating business needs, prioritizing them and, thus, defining the functional specificities to be integrated.


  • Implementation and integration of the CRM in the IS (1 year)

Subsequently, the Talan teams implemented and integrated the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution

This second phase was based on concrete use cases reported by the key users and defined in a backlog.


Our teams have used a SCRUM methodology adapted to the customer context, as well as the JIRA project management solution. This made it possible to:

  • Create a strong dynamic between the business lines and the project squad (customer and Talan).
  • Ensure quick consideration of remarks made by Product Owners throughout the project. 
  • Maximise user adoption of the tool


Result - Microsoft Dynamics 365, the one-stop-shop for managing customer relations


Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been deployed to a hundred users in four countries. This deployment made it possible to:

  • Centralise customer information and customer relationship monitoring processes in a single, secure tool integrated into the existing IS.
  • Obtain a 360-degree customer vision based on three modules (sales, customer service and marketing).
  • Harmonize business practices, automate certain processes (sales, marketing) and facilitate collaboration between teams.
  • Secure customer information, define the right level of information to the right people and ensure compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer).
  • Offer users a new experience, in line with their business reality: modern and user-friendly interface, mobile application, interfacing with business tools, etc.  
  • Formalise, implement and automate KPI and performance monitoring dashboards.


A key success factor: end-to-end collaboration.

Over the two years of missions, the teams of our client and Talan worked hand in hand to bring out synergies and obtain results quickly. Therefore, from the framing to the integration, it is the human aspect that, combined with the business and technological expertise, contributed to the success of the project: taking into account the needs of the business lines from the outset, transparency in communication, regular interactions with the customer’s teams. This teamwork has made it possible to deliver a new CRM within the allotted time to help the Customer Relations Department achieve its ambitions.


“The engagement and involvement of experienced experts for the project entrusted were the key success factors. We have rarely carried out a project of this dimension with a partner of this level leading us towards guaranteed success.  ”

The Customer Service Director (extract from the post-mission satisfaction questionnaire)