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42 Malaga & Talan

After announcing the recent collaboration just a few weeks ago, Talan has carried out different actions for the students of 42 Malaga, where in addition to learning and experimenting, they have been able to compete for a work contract at Talan, which makes Talan the first company to hire one of the great talents of 42 in Malaga.

Participants of the "quickaton" organised by Talan for 42 Malaga
Students from the 42 Malaga participating in a fast hackathon using ideation techniques
Students attending a Business Agility Training with Alberto Serrano, Head of Business Transformation Line at Talan
Ganadores Malaga 42 del quickaton Talan 2022

A "Quickaton", rewarding the winner with an employment contract at Talan's European Centre of Excellence in Malaga.

On the 9th of June, Talan organised a "Quickathon", a shorter version of the well-known "Hackathon", in which 42 students from the institution participated, who sold out the event in only 6 seconds once the registrations were open.

The students were encouraged for six hours to develop a technological application to solve an important challenge for the province of Malaga: to improve the experience of tourists on the beaches of the region.

They worked initially in groups using ideation techniques based on the "Design thinking" methodology, defining the main functions of the application with the aim of responding to the challenge presented. They chose themselves the winning solution that would be used for the next phase of the Quickathon.

The second phase was carried out individually using available technologies, with the support of Talan experts at all times to answer technical questions.

All participants presented their final work and the winner of the Quickathon was chosen for presenting an application with high technical quality and a lot of innovation.

The event was a very successful experience through which the winner received as a prize the first job offer of campus 42 in Malaga.


What a joy to see so many amazing talents! These types of collaborations with recognised training institutions, such as 42 Malaga, are fundamental to continue Talan's strategy of attracting the best professionals to accelerate the growth of its Centre of Excellence and serve European clients from Malaga. The Quickathon was just the beginning of a lot of work together with the institution and we are already preparing similar initiatives for 42's other campuses in Spain.

Daniel Mendonça, Director of Talan's Centre of Excellence in Malaga.




Business Agility Training – “Stop Starting – Start Stopping”

Talan also had the opportunity to give a Business Agility training on the 24th of May with the purpose of teaching students from 42 Malaga different techniques that will help them to be more efficient, make better decisions, deliver more value and generate focus and impact oriented cultures, where the key lies in stopping starting work and starting to finish it.

21 people had the opportunity to attend this session, where the main theme revolved around "Stop Starting - Start Stopping". After eight hours of putting the concepts of "Play4Learning & Learning by Doing" into action, attendees were able to experience two totally different management models :

  • the importance of data, how a data-driven mindset is relevant at both individual and team level,
  • and why resource efficiency can work against the efficiency of the delivery value or flow.

"I was especially excited to accompany the students of 42 Malaga in this session, as it allowed me to add my grain of sand to a model that fascinates me, innovative and with exceptional results, where people are wonderful and hungry for challenges. Thank you for this opportunity!"

Alberto Serrano, Head of Business Transformation Line, Talan.



42 is a new way of learning, offering comprehensive training in digital skills and competences. This partnership has enabled Talan to integrate this type of activities thanks to 42's "learning to learn" philosophy and its unique, disruptive and innovative teaching methodology. A real challenge for students!


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